AFS Safety Program

AFS_Safety1Arirang flying school safety program is a part of daily activities. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring and maintaining safety standers of AFS.

We brief our students about emergencies before every flight . We simulate emergency situation on ground and air to make them more confidant and comfortable to handle any situation . we also ensure that our engineer and technicians release aircraft without even a minor problem. We carry out fire drill , crash drill etc . Our grounds personnel are well trained to handle such emergencies.


To identify the hazard ,analyze the risk factor and to implement the appropriate measures to control the risk leading to an accident or incident a safety management system (SMS) is made for AFS. By following ICAO 1959 to meet the requirements of CAAB for approved timeline.


We arrange safety meeting every two months to review the safety issues and take necessary action . In addition our safety committee sits together whenever required.


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