Arirang Aviation Ltd, a concern of Youngone Corporation, is a pioneer in regional and corporate flight operation for the last 17 years with excellent flight safety records. Beside the corporate flight operation, it started to develop a flight school as a responsibility to the aviation arena, in an ambition to bring a qualitative change within new generation aviators.  This school is providing high quality, technologically advanced training to both domestic and international students.

Arirang Flying School is the realization of a vision: the vision to establish a world class pilot training school in Bangladesh. The man with this vision is Mr. Kihak Sung, the chairman of Youngone Corporation. In 2010, it came true: Arirang Flight School gained approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). With highly professional instructors, internationally recognized training materials and the graduation of over 44 internationally qualified pilots to date, the sky is our limit.

Arirang Flying School has taken the lead in Bangladesh to revolutionize cockpit and pilot training. Our mission is to train a world class pilot. Comprehensive flight, ground and simulator training on instrument procedure are given top priority to mold a trainee pilot into a professional aviator. Our Glass Cockpit training ensures the ability of any pilot to be acquainted at any demanding environment while starting a new aviation career. sch-simulator-inside
Specialties of Arirang Flight School

  1. The well-thought-out lesson plan and training schedules of the flight school are strictly in tune to the flying curriculum standard coupled with Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh requirements.
  2. Students are given training on glass cockpit aircraft (SR-20) to acquaint them with the latest aircraft avionics before completing the course.
  3. Full motion, 200° wrap around visual graphics and realistic cockpit agronomics of RedBird FMX Flight Simulator to increase training efficiency.
  4. Intensive and elaborate ground and flying training courses are carefully designed to instill the flight safety concept into the mind of new generation pilots which will enable them to fly the aircraft safely and confidently during any sorts of technical and weather hazards.
  5. Induction of paperless training materials (IPAD) instead of text books.
  6. Comprehensive ground and flight training on instrument procedures are given the top priority which will facilitate the trainee pilot to be a professional aviator and prepare them to be competitive to any airline’s environment.
  7. State of art language lab with audio-visual facilities.
  8. Class rooms are equipped with Multi Media projection and sound systems including interactive whiteboard. The whole facility is covered by high speed internet.
  9. A rich and faculty wise library focused on aviation books and other books of interest to build the student pilots level of general knowledge as well.
  10. We put great emphasis on both physical and psychological skill development in order to build psycho motor skill of student pilots through compulsory extracurricular activities as golf, gym classes, rowing, hiking and swimming. We have top quality facilities at our own location for these purposes.

Flying & Ground Instructors

Our both flying and ground instructors come from a wide and varied range of professional aviation backgrounds–commercial airline pilot careers, corporate aviation and Bangladesh Air Force to civil aviation careers. All of our instructors are fully trained and certified by CAAB


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