ambulance-equipments At Arirang Aviation air ambulance service, we help to Alleviate that stress by carefully handling all of The details and planning associated with the Transport. From the first phone call, you will rest Easier knowing that no company is better prepared or More experienced when it comes to transporting your Loved one safely and compassionately.
Details of Medical Equpment:
a.VS-800 VITAL SIGNE MONITOR: VS-800 is a compact, easy to use vital signs monitor designed to satisfy your basic monitoring requirements. Suitable for adult, Pediatric and neonatal patient, VS-800 is well adapted for any department where quick,reliable physiological measurements are required.

When cardiac arrest occurs, the clock starts ticking. We respond quickly with confidence. The lifepax 20E defibrillator/ Monitor is highly intuitive to use and adapts to various patient environments.It skillfully combines an aed function for the infrequent, BLS-Ttrained responder, With manual capability so that ALS-Trained cliniciand can quickly and easily deliver advanced diagnostic and therapeutic care.c.PARAPAC PLUS MODEL 310 VENTILATOR: Designed specifically for use by respiratory therapists, Paramedics, and trained emergency personnel, Parapac enables greater control of breathing parameters.

d.MEC 1000 PORTABLE MULTI-PARAMETER PATIENT MONITOR:The MEC-1000 is a portable, configurable monitor with applications for a wide variety of hospital and outpatient areas.It’s high resolution color display offers a remarkably brilliant, crisp viewing platfrom that far exceeds standard compact patient monitors.

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