Private Pilot License (PPL)

Our comprehensive Private Pilot License (PPL) program includes everything that an aspiring pilot needs to start a successful career. The course includes 45 hours of flying with 15 hours of solo (including 5 hours of cross country solo flights).

GROUND : 12 Weeks
FLYING : 45 Hours
EDUCATION : SSC or equivalent (with Physics and Mathematics)
MIN AGE : 17

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Our Commercial Pilot License (CPL) program is perfectly tuned to produce highly skilled pilots who aspire to build a career in commercial aviation. The course includes 150 hours of flying with 70 hours solo (including 20 hours cross country solo, 5 hours night solo with 5 take off and landings and 10 hours instrument ground time).

GROUND : 12 Weeks
FLYING : 105 Hours
EDUCATION : HSC or equivalent in science (with Physics and Mathematics)
MIN AGE : 18

Instrument Rating (IR)
This course develops your proficiency in using instruments and culminates with a successful instrument rating check.
SOLO : 50 hours

Flight Instructor (FI)

Becoming a Flight Instructor is a challenging and prestigious job specializing in creating new pilots. To become a flight instructor, a pilot must undergo a FI course after obtaining the CPL and IR qualifications. The course consists of 125 hours of ground training and 30 hours of flight training.

GROUND : 06 Weeks
FLYING : 30 Hours


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